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Adobe Lightroom is a product from It comes with an integrated and complete, workflow for editing, managing, improving, and sharing your photos. If you are a professional photographer, then you would appreciate the fact that these tools come with the high-end image-manipulation tools which can help your photographs appear excellent.

In below Adobe Lightroom review, let’s see why it is amongst the best photo editing software products on the market today.

Adobe Lightroom Review on Pricing

The price of the photo editing software is $142.99. For some of you it might be too much. However, you will want to know that this software is a product is Adobe. Adobe creates products that are reliable and helpful. You know that you are getting something which can help you improve your images and get quality photographs.

Adobe Lightroom Interface

The system requirements for using this photo editing tool are a Windows operating system. Intel Pentium 4 processor or equivalent, Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3; Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise (32 bit or 64 bit); or Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit). The photo editing software comes with easy to navigate interface. Users will find it easy to find out what they are looking for. Interface might be difficult for beginners who have no experience on photo editing tools. If you are a beginner, then you will want to refer the tutorial which can help you understand the photo editing software better.

Some of the features present on Adobe Lightroom 5 include photo organization and management, RAW conversion, nondestructive editing, tethered shooting, DSLR video support, smart previews, highlight and shadow recovery, improved photo book creation, video publishing and slide shows, editing brushes, image straightening, enhanced online sharing, email, imports, and free automatic upgrade to Lightroom 5.3. The adjustments that you do on your photographs are non-destructive. Whenever you feel you can go back and re-edit your original photographs. The raw files can be edited directly without any conversion process required.

The photo editing software is a professional image cataloguing tool which can help you search many photographs using collections and more. There is a spot removal tool which can help you get rid of dust spots on your photographs. That is not present here as you can paint over the spots you want. The Advanced Healing Brush is good enough to enable you to get quality photographs. You would also want to know that you can have your originals using external drive, but edit your photographs.

Import and Organize Photos with Adobe Lightroom

You can easily organize and import your files using Adobe Lightroom 5. You can design videos and slideshows. You can also add music on your files and export HD movie files. The video file can be added on the stills on your slideshow. They can be played depending on the duration you have selected. Page numbers can be added on the books and you can add text on books using the Text tab. You can design your pages as you want. There are other features which enable you to edit your photographs as and when you want. These features can also help you improve the quality of the images present on your photographs and videos.

Adobe Lightroom Customer support

The customer support offered by Adobe is reliable. When you are using photo editing tool, then you need to have a customer support which can help you find answers immediately. You can do that with the help of email and phone number. There is also a community forum on which you can communicate with experts who can help you find answers to your queries. Smart previews allow you to save and edit photos from external sources then sync them to the original drive. Although you can sync your photos between mobile and desktop, this only works for iOS systems.

Adobe Lightroom Review Summary

Adobe Lightroom offers excellent features in photo editing, organizing and sharing. As a product from Adobe, you will be guaranteed to get all the advanced features to edit your photo. Its features on photo organizing will bring you more than the other software does. To more about it, check out Adobe Lightroom now.


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