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Having offices in the United Kingdom, other parts of Europe as well as the United States of America, AVG technologies is one of the biggest companies fully dedicated in fighting against computer security threats. AVG Antivirus Software, which is a best antivirus software among the user base has been trusted for more than two decades (since 1991 to be precise) in securing systems from different system security threats. Its performance which is boosted by its handful functionalities puts it in the top list of antivirus software that is used in protection against malware such as Trojans, rootkits, online threats among others.

AVG Antivirus Review on Features


One key feature that distinguishes AVG Antivirus from other antivirus programs is the number of layers for user protection. There are a number of layers that are divided as per their functionalities and these include:

  • Normal layer for any antivirus program. This stores a database of virus definitions and uses this database to make comparisons in order to identify malicious files.  This layer is also responsible in keeping one’s personal information inaccessible by spywares and adware.
  • Secondly, there’s a resident shield layer that helps prevents users from opening files that are infected. This is important as there is always the constant danger of new viruses hence it’s always important to keep up with new threats and protect users from falling prey to such. This is made possible through constant collection of data and updating of the virus definition database.
  • There is also a protection layer that is responsible for monitoring the protection of your system and ensuring that the protection levels are always optimum and system performance is not affected.

The price of AVG antivirus is $39.99 year, which is really reasonable. Besides, you could start with 1 month free trial if you want, no credit card is required.

AVG Antivirus Review on Performance

AVG Antivirus is keenly developed to ensure that system performance is not interfered with by the protection process. Before a system scheduled scan takes place, the program waits for the computer system to register an idle moment and it is only then that the scan can advance. This is not all; it does no repeat work meaning that its intelligent enough to identify those files which it has already scanned and hence saving time and computer resources.

If you are an avid gamer, AVG Antivirus might just be what you need. it has a game mode that makes it unnecessary to wait on those long scheduled scans and updates by giving you a chance to concentrate on multiplayer. Most importantly for gamers, it helps in protecting your gaming profiles from hackers who are in constant search of game rewards to steal and trade them for cash.

AVG Antivirus Review on Ease of use

AVG Antivirus’ ease of use has been rated as excellent by most user feedbacks submitted. Starting from the installation process which can be referred to as an easy one as it involves download of a small file and paying for its license. AVG Antivirus offers an easy to use graphical interface which on the home screen provides information on the system’s security status and incase of detection of a malware, user will be notified and an action prompted from them.

AVG Antivirus Review on Virus & Spyware Protection

AVG Antivirus offers protection from different kinds of threats such as viruses, spyware Trojans and rootkits which are malicious programs that hide in the system registry.  This it does through keeping an up to date virus database which it uses to effectively identify potential threats and disinfect them.

AVG Antivirus also offers real time online protection on normal operations such as e-mailing, online shopping to social site activities. There is the link protection feature that checks links from social sites before users can be able to access the links. Encryption and password protection mechanisms ensure for secure private sharing with anti-spam reducing threats from scammers, spammers and phishers as well as hackers which is also made possible by an enhanced firewall.

AVG Antivirus Review on Tech and Customer Support

Ever bought software then lost its license? This can be such a traumatizing experience but with the AVG Antivirus customer support group; it could never be this easy. There is a 24/7 standby remote assistant personnel ready to offer help from the smallest of issues such as installation or scheduling of a scan to the most complex. You can also request for a rescue cd in case you have a crashed infected system, broken file systems and helps restore your system to the most previous stable condition it was.

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