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Previously known as Anti-Virus Expert (AVX), BitDefender Antivirus is a best antivirus software for personal computers trusted for over a decade and a half in protection against malware. BitDefender was the first ever antivirus program to ever feature an update system requiring no input at all from the users. Initially, the antimalware program was not available all across the world but its breakthrough came in 2001 when it became available for download.  It did not take long for this to have an impact and in approximately two years later the developers chose to add a new system to an already magnificent array of system features and functionalities present with the software.

Bitdefender Antivirus Software Review on Pricing

The orginal cost of Bitdefender Antivirus Software is $99.95, however with the last promo, the price is $49.95, which make the price is much cheaper.  When you compare that with other antivirus software, that is a good rate.

Bitdefender Antivirus Software Review on Features


Just like any other anti-malware program; BitDefender does not guarantee users with 100% protection against malware especially with the introduction of new threats and wide spread of online activities that pose greater risks to users. Despite this, BitDefender promises protection from a wide array of malware including Trojans, rootkits which are threats that hide in system registry and exploit the system from that privileged position. Until 2004, BitDefender was only available for the windows platform and this is the year when LinuxDefender which supports Linux operating systems was introduced. Also introduced within the same year were some new features of the BitDefender anti malware which included the anti-spam technology which would protect users from spams.

Bitdefender Antivirus Software Review on Performance

Over the last few years, numerous features have been added to this software and these include the data solution which aims at preventing data loss from client systems; this was as a result of collaboration between BitDefender and the SOS online backup company. BitDefender offers clients with a quick scan feature that targets offering maximum protection to client systems with minimal interference possible on performance as well as moderate requirements on bandwidth. BitDefender antivirus features’ mostly concentrate on online threats as these are the most common and with continuous improvements on design, the program stays well ahead of other programs in curbing attacks from online threats.

Bitdefender Antivirus Software Review on Ease of use

BitDefender places customer’s security concerns the center of all their developments and features and for this, aim to give maximum protection at the simplest steps possible. Some features included in BitDefender that ensure for a smooth user experience are:

  • Quick scan option- this is meant to provide users with an in-depth system scan carried out at the most minimal resources and identify potential threats to the system as well as missing patches of the operating system. This scan option also identifies system settings that may cause potential threats to the computer system.
  • Security report-upon a successful or for that matter unsuccessful scan, the program reports on its finding or possible reasons for failure to scan and prompts for further actions from the user. This feature also helps in freeing up storage space, reports on applications and optimizations as well as displaying the general security status of the system.
  • BitDefender also offers users the remote management option that allows for users to scan all their systems installed BitDefender from any location.  Users are also provided with an online dashboard which extends the desktop services and also make it easy to access user support for your BitDefender.

Bitdefender Antivirus Software Review on Virus & Spyware Protection

BitDefender tops the list by far when it comes to detection of both known and unknown malware. Most of the otherantivirus software have the capacity to identify known malwares and this is where BitDefender gets its edge from. This is how it works: BitDefender stores in its database a signature files that has an awareness of the known malwares. When performing a scan and the file comes across a file that has any resemblance to the known malwares and treats it as a malicious file; further thorough checks which are meant to ensure for a zero-day malware confirms whether the file is really a threat or a system file and acts accordingly. The fascinating fact about all these processes is that they take place in such a short time without interference on system performance.

Bitdefender Antivirus Software Review on Tech and Customer Support

BitDefender offers both its home and business users best possible online support. If there is an issue with installation, update or virus checking, help is as far as a ticket which one can open from the official website. There are dedicated and well experienced support personnel ready to help through.

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