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For corporates or individuals looking for a user friendly mobile and PC security systems for home and corporate use; BullGuard antivirus software is the perfect solution.

BullGuard antivirus offers a tried and tested option, award winning and proven value in protection. In tests conducted to compare between BullGuard and other antivirus programs, BullGuard was found to have a 65% better and enhanced detection and protection rate for computer systems. BullGuard also comes with cutting edge technology offering a double engine protection system that ensures malware and other system security threats are disinfected before they attack.

In below BullGuard Antivirus Software review, let’s see why it is among the best antivirus software products on the market today.

BullGuard Antivirus Review on Features


BullGuard antivirus software comes with quite stand-out features such as safe browsing. This is part of the larger anti-phishing mechanism that will always warn you on websites, links and downloads that might be having malware. The feature also protects your private information which most hackers are after mostly credit card details when shopping online. This ensures that you can conduct your online shopping without any fear that you are will fall prey to online scams.

Whereas most antiviruses check for updates upon user command, BullGuard has an automatic update system which is scheduled for intervals of two hours and this is meant to ensure that there are no new threats that pose risks to your system. The time interval can be changed based on convenience and this is easy as the interface has an update button which you can operate from. BullGuard internet security also provides an auto email scanning feature that allows for users through web browsers or email clients to filter email contacts as either whitelist of blacklist which represent trusted contacts and spams respectively.

BullGuard Antivirus Review on Performance

Unlike other antiviruses which slow down your PC soon after installation, BullGuard antivirus offers the highest system performance and at the same time protecting the system fully.

BullGuard antivirus comes with a PC tune up functionality that checks on system use and optimizes its performance. This feature helps keep your system clean of unwanted files which might pose threats, frees up memory space in the process allowing your system enough memory to run. So whether you use your PC for business, personal stuff including gaming or high demanding tasks such as coding; BullGuard antivirus is the right program for you.

BullGuard Antivirus Review on Ease of use

BullGuard antivirus software is developed with user-requirements the core of all processes. This has effectively led to the design of an easy to use and as yet more effective antivirus program than your ordinary antivirus. BullGuard antivirus offers you an easy to use interface that makes that functionality you require a click away. The software displays the system’s security status.

Users can also perform a custom scan for malwares and the program displays the scan results. With an easy to use interface, downloading updates is always going to be an easy affair and this is exactly what BullGuard antivirus offers. You can also access other functionalities of the software by ease such as files backup and contacting the BullGuard support team.

BullGuard Antivirus Review on Virus & Spyware Protection

During installation, BullGuard antivirus comes with its own database of virus definitions that it uses in comparing files with and checking for threats. BullGuard from lab tests and user experience has been found to have a higher virus screening percentage as compared to other antiviruses. This means that BullGuard stands better chances to detect malwares in the form of viruses, Trojans, spams & scams, phishing as well as unsafe social network links and downloads as compared to other antiviruses.

When it comes to removing viruses, BullGuard offers users with more than one option for this:

  • The first step is the normal scan option where the user from the interfaces manually scans files for threats and deletes them.
  • There is also a do-it-yourself procedure developed by BullGuard that targets computer pros as this involves some coding and scripting.
  • The other option is a more reliable one for the novices as it involves contacting the customer support unit for assistance. What’s more? All these methods are reliable and have been tested and proven.

BullGuard Antivirus Review on Tech and Customer Support

If you have purchased your BullGuard antivirus software and are experiencing issues; there is no better option as it is to contact the customer support team. Any software will always have issues that need clarification or addressing; clients can lose their information, installation or uninstallation might prove a tricky, obtaining, keeping safe and re-obtaining in case of its loss for a license key might also be hard. But thanks to a dedicated BullGuard antivirus support system, you are sure of finding what it is that you are looking for. Just check online where you can also get new ideas and details on the system from forums started by other users.

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