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Corel PhotoImpact is a best photo editing software that comes with excellent web page design. This is something that you cannot find in other photo editing software. You have many features present on the photo editor including templates, royalty free images, web elements, and additional software which can be used by you.

In below Corel Photo Impact Review, we will reveal why it’s one of photo editing software we recommend.

Corel  Photo Impact Pricing

The list price of Corel Photo Impact is $69.99, and now the price is low to $29.99 after discount, which is cheap. When compared to other photo editing software, this is really cheap. If you are new to the photography industry, then you may consider using this photo editing tool for your work. The software comes with excellent features and for that price, you are getting a lot of tools to work with.

Corel Photo Impact Corel  Photo Impact
57% Off

Import and Organize Photos with Corel  Photo Impact

There are three sources present on the photo editing software. They enable you to perform the changes you want on your photographs. The get photos screen helps you to access the photographs which you want to see. Other options are also present on the software which includes digital camera, image folder, and camera drive/card reader.

The software supports many formats including CUR, 001, BMP, CLP, DCS, FAX, FPX, DCX, EPS, IFF, IMG, GIF, ICO, JPG, MAC, MSP, JP2, JPC, PCT, PCX, PEF, PBM, PCD, PGM, PIC, PNG, PPM,PSD, RAS, PXR, SCI, SCT, SHG, SVG (output), TGA, TIF, WBMP, WMF, UFO, UFP, and PSP.

The photo editing software offers you with a complete management suite that helps you organize your images. This is a very helpful feature. You do not want to keep searching for your photographs when you need to view them or send them to your clients. You are also offered a comprehensive photo sharing software which is useful for both professionals and amateurs.


Corel  Photo Impact Interface

The interface of the photo editing software is not very friendly. When you are not familiar with the photo editors, then you will find the going difficult. It is better, if you first go through the tutorials on their website. That enables you to find out how you can use the photo editing software. You can have many features which help you do the tasks which you want.

You can many changes on the photographs as you feel like. You can make teeth appear brighter, you can get rid of dark circles and you even put some muscles around your body to make it appear muscular. The changes are limitless, once you understand how you go to use the photo editor. You can use the project wizard to help you design labels and DVDs for your business.


You can also create posters and slideshows. These are essential for marketing your business. They can be easily designed using the features present on the photo editor. The features are compatible with smart phones, email, and PDAs. You will find that the organization and sharing features are less in this photo editing software. That may seem to decrease your creativity. Sometimes when you want to be creative and design photographs that can get the attention of your clients, you need features that can help you share easily on social media tools, which can help your gain more online presence.

Corel  Photo Impact Customer support

In this photo editor you will need to do most of the things yourself. The learning and understanding have to be done by you. It takes time. On the whole, the help & support provided is good.

You can use the PhotoImpact workspace present which has a SmartGuide. The SmartGuide enables you to learn what you want to perform and helps you understand the technical task labels which are present on the drop down menus. It helps you read good materials about the photo editor. Only when you have access to reading materials which can help you understand what the photo editing tool is about, you can work easily using their tools. There is also a community forum online through which you can communicate with professionals who can provide answers to your queries.

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