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One of the industries simplest on-line fax services is FaxZero. The company (www.faxzero.com) is up and coming and is very useful and best online fax service will be considered as a remarkable feature for smalltime businesses.

Check how this unique web fax utility works without taking a penny for customers who wish to send faxes across the US or Canada.

In below review, we will talk about its price, features, receving and customer support.

FaxZero Review on Price Value

Ideally, the entire operation of sending faxes is absolutely free. However, here is a catch. Users can only send five fax documents per day. If one intends to send more than the allotted five, the fax will be charged at $1.99 per fax. There is also a limit on the amount of file size that a user is eligible to send. The file size should be below 20MB. There is also a premium fax option where each fax is sent at $1.99 per fax. The number of pages that can be sent in the premium account increases from 3 (in free option) to 25 pages.

One wonders whether this is the only way that the company generates its income. The company actually earns through online ads and adverts rather than any specific amount generated from the fax transfer. There is also an option to send faxes to countries other than the US or Canada. In such cases, fees will be levied depending on the country where one wants to send the fax.

For most countries, the usual rate is $3.53 per fax. Users can find out from the list of countries that are eligible for this fax operation. The tariff can also be checked. A potential buyer must fill in a form where a valid email address must be provided. Once done, the buyer will get a confirmation mail and start sending faxes. The option is quite good for those who intend to send free faxes and limit themselves to five faxes per day. If one intends to fax more documents, this fax utility if far more costly.

FaxZero Review on Features


FaxZERO may not be packed with tons of features like other companies, but it does allows you to instantly send free fax from you browser interface. In fact customers doesn’t have to have a membership or an account, all is necessary is valid email address. Below are a few highlights of the company

  • Everything is Free (For more features choose premium service)
  • Fast sending/receiving
  • Free cover sheet
  • Max 5 free faxes per day

In addition to being able to send faxes for free through the US and Canada, you may also send faxes to most international countries for an added fee. While this is good, it should be brought to attention that you can’t receive faxes using FaxZero.

FaxZero Review on Fax Receiving


Just like any online fax service provider, FaxZero does not require the user to have a fax machine. The interface is simple and easy to understand. The user must first key in the details in the Sender’s and receiver’s section. A PDF file or document can be attached with a cover letter. The interface intuitively guides the sender to key in the text. Files can also be attached by following the instructional text.

It is possible to attach multiple files as well and conditions apply on attaching multiple pages in the fax. After keying in the confirmation code, the fax is sent. However, the receiver will not get the fax document just yet. The user needs to first confirm that the fax is genuine and that it has been sent from user with that particular email ID from which the confirmation mail had come. Soon after this process, the receiver gets the fax – neat and tidy. The fax document though neat has a large logo of FaxZero on the cover page. This logo is missing from premium faxes.

The premium account holders are also eligible to put their own cover page and customize it with their colors and logo. These holders will also get the privilege of bypassing the freebie takers. In other words, their faxes will be sent first as a priority than the others who are sending free faxes. The data and user information are stored in encrypted servers of FaxZero. In no case, do they leak the information. The communication is also secured with SSL or TLS protocols.

FaxZero Review on Customer support

In case of a technical glitch, the user is stuck however. The useful and out-of-the-ordinary fax utility does not have any detailed support system. But, FaxZero does have a contact address where it welcomes issues, concerns and queries about the utility. Users may send their opinions and queries to support@faxzero.com or send a postal mail at the brick-n-mortar office of the company in Portland. There is also a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that specify in detail about the functionality of the fax utility. Faxes for which users have received the confirmation mail will be eventually sent by the team. They will refund the amount (almost the entire amount for international faxes) to the sender in case they are unable to send the fax.

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