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When it comes to user protection against malware and other computer threats, no other software does this well than Kaspersky antivirus software. Formerly known as Antiviral Toolkit Pro, this program developed by the KasperskyLab has been perfectly suited to operate on different operating system platforms most commonly windows Microsoft, Linux as well as Mac OS for Macintosh devices. In below review, we will reveal why it’s one of the most popular antivirus software worldwide.

Kaspersky Antivirus Software on Pricing

First, Kaspersky is one of the most affordable Antivirus software you can find. Price is always an important to consumer. At low to $26.66/year, you can protect 3 PCs with your Kaspersky subscription. This latest promotion will save you around 55% when comparing with the regular price at $59.99.

Kaspersky antivirus software Kaspersky antivirus software
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Kaspersky Antivirus Software on Features

Kaspersky antivirus software is one of the best antivirus software all over the globe; thanks to some of its notable features. User requirements are core to development of this anti-virus and this is evident to some of its top features which among others include:

  • Support for stand-alone and corporate systems
  • Total user reliability
  • Well-improved management features

Kaspersky antivirus software is Reliable


This is one of the core features of the Kaspersky antivirus software. After numerous user and lab tests, it was no brain cracker to award KasperskyEnterprise with certification for Microsoft windows Server 2008. All aspects of the program were found to be on point; performance, reliability and conformance to the set standards, nothing could beat Kaspersky.  Some aspects of the program that attest to its reliability include:

  • An easy installation and uninstallation process which in case of corporate systems; the server does not always have to be restarted for either of the procedures to take place.
  • Still on the irrelevance of a system restart; with Kaspersky enterprise edition it is possible to completely unload the antivirus from memory and re-launch it. The program is developed to ensure that file systems always remain on the memory even after the protection services and components have been stopped.

Multi-systems support

If running a server, Kaspersky enterprise edition allows for single installation for a cluster of computers and offers a unified protection for all systems on the server. The efforts put while developing this feature did not go unnoticed and this makes it yet again the only Citrix certified antivirus for its functionality on terminal servers.


Server administrators have their jobs eased here with convenient management features. Other than the remote management feature, its integration with system security tools and the MMC console; it’s compatibility that counts a lot. Kaspersky anti-virus is compatible with tools to monitor windows performance as well as SNMP. The program also offers an audit report on actions for both clients and server administrators.

Kaspersky Antivirus Review on Performance

Kaspersky anti-virus leads the path in the list of one of the most lethal and popular antivirus yet for such minimum requirements of the system. For Mac OS, the system has only to operate on a 1GB Ram memory and a free hard drive space of approximately 350mb. This is almost similar to its requirement on a windows vista platform or later version which includes a 1GB Ram, 480MB free hard drive space and most importantly a Pentium IV or higher processor. There are a variety of editions which are perfectly suited for different platforms as well as protection on malware.

Kaspersky Antivirus Review on Ease of use

From its installation to day-to-day use, Kaspersky anti-virus is rated by most users as one of the easiest to use anti-malware program. During installation, Kaspersky thoroughly checks the entire computer system for malware and if it finds any, prompts for permission to disinfect immediately after installation is through. A disinfecting procedure means a reboot but this is as hard as it could ever get during installation. A full system scan after a successful installation is always advised and just in case there are any issues during installation or uninstallation, specialized tools are normally as far as asking for customers.

Kaspersky Antivirus Review on Virus & spyware protection

Kaspersky anti-virus has scooped numerous awards for its incomparable ability to detect and clean malware on computer systems. The 2013 Kaspersky antivirus edition got an “advanced +” rating for removing 14 malwares with a 100% detection rate. Presence of different versions of the antivirus makes it easy to protect computer systems from all varieties of attacks such as spams, banners, firewall attacks, HIPS, parental control and secure keyboard. In order to ensure that its highly rated services are un-interfered with by other anti-viruses, Kaspersky is incompatible with other antiviruses meaning it can only be installed in a system that has no actively installed anti-virus.

Tech and customer support of Kaspersky Antivirus Software

The Kaspersky customer support has not failed in turning up in times when clients get stranded. The support team promptly replies to queries via mail for any issues communicated to them through the official website. There are always standby tools to help clients maneuver through their issues such as utility to completely delete previous versions of the antivirus in case that a new installation fails to execute. Rescue disks are also available in order to improve customer installation experience hence making the Kaspersky customer support team one of the highest stars in terms of customer support.

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  1. I have been using Kaspersky for over 10 years, it’s never failed me and protect my system well. Strongly recommend it everyone.

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