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MaxEmail ( is a versatile and highly efficient web-based fax service provider that was launched in 1992 by the MGCS (Matshushita Graphic Communications Systems) . The company provides their customers with unique features and affordable price list. Most of MaxEmail success is by providing the top notch technology and the necessary technical support needed to run an online Fax service which makes them a global leader in the Internet voice and fax communications industry.

MaxEmail Review on Price Value

There are basically four plans depending on the number of fax numbers and features available to the user. For small businesses, there are two plans – Lite Non Local ($24 per year for 100 inbound fax pages and no outbound faxes) and Plus ($9.95 per month with 250 inbound fax pages and 100 outbound faxes). Any additional pages sent will incur $0.05 per page. For extra outbound pages, the amount will increase to $0.10 per page. An installation fee of $10 is charged to install the system in the computer or mobile. In case large enterprises want to take up the service, they need to buy any of the two corporate plans:

  • Corporate Lite at $39.95 per month with 3 dedicated fax numbers, 600 monthly inbound fax pages and $0.02 for additional inbound faxes.
  • Corporate at $104.5 per month with 10 dedicated fax numbers, 2000 monthly inbound fax pages and $0.01 for additional inbound faxes.

There is no installation fees levied for the corporate plans. There is however, no option for unused pages roll over – an option for the small business plans. Users are given a 30-day period where they can try the service for free. They can pick any plan and check if it suits their business. To select a plan and get started, members must choose their area code and specify the fax number they want to keep.

MaxEmail Review on Features


MaxEmail offers a lot of compelling features for of online conferencing services. The company provides your customers and contacts with the cheapest way to get in touch with you and send you documents. Some of MaxEmail highlights include:

  • both local and toll free numbers over 150 area codes
  • online fax services support PDF and TIFF files
  • Multi user accounts
  • Unused page roll over
  • International outbound faxes

Besides this, customers will also receive a 30 day online storage, voice-mail feature (voice-mail – email), send faxes via email/web, Inbound fax pages included and many more.

MaxEmail Review on Fax Receiving

MaxEmail’s web-based fax service is one of the typical commercial fax service providers that allow users to send or receive fax from their electronic or computing devices – without keeping a dedicated traditional fax machine for the purpose.

The system does not require expensive servers to maintain fax transfer or a dedicated team to manage the same. There is also no need for paper or ink – a green way to pursue business operations. Faxes can be received either on the email ID of the user or at MaxEmail online account. The user needs to log in to a secured area and retrieve the fax – which arrives usually in a PDF format. The users are given a dedicated login name and password to check into their MaxEmail online account and download the fax document. Messages remain for 30 days in the fax server – so, one can get the faxes within this period. It is possible to manage plans and settings at any point of time.

The incoming fax messages can be directed to 25 email addresses – quite unique since most competitors don’t recognize such a vast number of email IDs. The operation is simple and integration is hassle-fee. No third-party utility is required to get started. Additionally, the plans include a complimentary feature – voice-mail. Primarily banking on VoIP telephony, the service provider is able to include this feature for free. In fact, users will be able to receive or send fax from their mobiles as well after they download a suitable mobile app for it. When faxing a document, the sender can pick a document, image file or PDF file and fax it.

The email message is automatically used as a cover letter. Faxes can be sent from the website as well. A fax not sent during the first try will be tried for 5 times – automatically. A real-time log sheet is provided on faxes that have been sent or returned. A final report is sent to the user’s email ID.

MaxEmail Review on Customer support

The authorized users are expected to log in to address their concerns or queries on the fax system. The potential buyers need to visit the Help subpage in the company website to know about the plans and the rates offered against the same. This page also allows the customer to sign in for a plan.

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