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Being one of the few wholly dedicated company to computer systems security and technology; McAfee Antivirus Software brings to the same table some unique and mind boggling features. McAfee antivirus is a best antivirus software in popular for protection against all kinds of malware; worms, Trojans, spyware as well as rootkits not to mention that it also actively offers user protection from online threats such as phishers, hackers, dialers, scam, adware and other online threats.

McAfee Anitvirus Pricing Review

McAffee offers good price to its customers to protect their computers. The list price to get the its license is at $49.99/year, and now the company is running a promotion with 50% off, which make it really affordable from $24.99/year only.

McAfee Antivirus Plus Review on Features


Offering such an extensive user protection from malware could only mean one thing; a uniquely developed program with high protection standards from malware and this is the case. McAfee antivirus offers a two-way firewall system; making it the only antivirus program with such a feature available in the market. This puts computer systems at a better position to deal with all kind of risks ranging from unsafe downloads to network threats, infected emails, online scams and other types of viruses.

Built with an exclusive 24/7 protection technology which analyzes and blocks threats as fast as it tracks them and thereby ensuring no lapse in protection that could be exploited by the malicious programs. Unlike other best antivirus software where one would be forced to wait for updates to start functioning in order to be guaranteed safety, McAfee works in seconds to trace and disinfect potential malware. Rootkits are not exempted from the ruthlessness of this antivirus; McAfee constantly checks through the installed programs to ensure that there are none designed to tamper internally with the system.

Performance of  McAfee Antivirus

McAfee performance analyzing results from AV-Test demonstrate that the item is appropriate but not truly praiseworthy.

The company sets up application manages installing the latest set up information from web servers. About approximately 150MB of downloadable information is average for antivirus security software. The company software comes as a small download file easy to install and use, it comes with other multiple features such as the home screen which can be used to assess its current situation and user can monitor how safe their systems are. Preinstalled also is the idle time & scheduler which sets pc scans for when there is low or no usage of the memory to ensure for maximum protection for as less disruptions as possible.

In case a Trojan, rootkit or any other form of suspicious file is detected, the alert system notifies users on the same and asks for options or in most cases work on the already set option. Other than protecting your system from malware, it helps also increase its speed through removal of unwanted files which might be slowing down the pc and also protect files which users might not want be accessed.

McAfee Antivirus Software Ease of use

Being well experienced in the market of systems security, McAfee developers had in mind what  users really want and had genius ways of coming up with such. Firstly, McAfee can be downloaded as a small file online or it can be bought as a CD/DVD. There is no clear distinction between the two as the protection is the same and the installation process is as easy as it could be for both.

Most users want an antimalware program that will offer them online security as well as a firewall at no cost and McAfee antivirus plus has been offered as a free tool to diagnose and ensure that your system is free of malwares. This it does through the use of background processes as most users prefer antivirus software that will have minimal or no impact on system performance and at the same time guaranteeing them protection.

The fast scan feature has come convenient to many users as it allows for fast detection and deletion of computer threats, allowing no time lapse in between identifying the issue and working on it. It is possible to customize scans and this is made possible by the alert system installed in the antivirus program.

McAfee Antivirus Software Rewiew on Virus & Spyware Protection

McAfee antivirus plus is popular for its two firewall system but this is not all it brags about. The program has a huge database of potential threats that makes it easy for the program to detect, block and remove malwares and all kinds of threats. Adware blocks, anti-scam feature, auto email scanner and phishing protection ensures for a smooth web browsing and online communication by reducing chances of attacks by threats. There is also a parental control option which helps make the system safe for use by under ages by keeping a log of online events as well as set time limits on the use of internet.

McAfee Antivirus Software Review on Tech and Customer Support

Need support on a new installation? Is your current version not working properly or do you need an update? Are there incompatibility issues between some of your hardware such as printers and the program? Whatever your query is, get an all day/night support service from the official McAfee website. You can also read reviews or participate in McAfee forums to get the best from your installed antivirus program.

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