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Founded in 1997, Metrofax ( is a global provider of Internet faxing that is simple to use, dependable, with advanced features and flexible usage plans. With over thousands of customers, Metrofax know how to please the customer became known for its reliable service worldwide.

In below Metrofax review, let’s see why it is amongst the best online fax service on the market today.

Metrofax Review on Price Value

There are two plans – small business and corporate. The small business firm can opt for the following plans:

  • Essential Plan – allows the transfer of 500 pages per month for a fee of $7.95.
  • Value Plan – allows the transfer of 1000 pages per month for a fee of $12.95
  • Professional Plan – allows the transfer of 2500 pages per month for a fee of $35.95

Additional pages can be faxed for $0.3 per page. There is no setup fee, termination fee, contracts, or advance payments. Each month the subscriber has to pay the amount. The amount will slightly decrease if it is an annual payment.

A 30-day free service is provided to the new customers so that they can find out if the utility suits their business requirements. The corporate plan is also available with Metrofax. However, users need to send a mail with required information to get a quote from the company. The plans for the enterprises include a centralized net admin – quite similar to a dashboard.

The fax numbers can be increased or decreased as per the demand of the user. The fax utility seamlessly integrates with Line of Business (LoB) app. The existing fax numbers can be retained and the fax servers can be removed. In short, such plans are also cost effective than traditional system.

Metrofax Review on Features


Metrofax is known for being affordable, flexible, and simple, the solutions from Metrofax are world class and will help your business grow and some top features offered by Metrofax:

  • Toll-free/local fax number
  • No setup fees; big value, small cost.
  • Send or receive faxes anywhere via internet access.
  • Send or receive multiple faxes simultaneously.
  • Fax globally to more than 170 countries.

Metrofax also provides customers with additional features that allows them to customers to excel with business such as, easy overage, no activation fees, no long distance, 5 email addresses, mobile faxing, Green faxing, 100% US based customer support, and many more.

Metrofax Review on Fax Receiving

The versatile fax service can be accessed from email, online account at Metrofax server, or from a smartphone. For instance, a suitably installed mobile app allows fax to be downloaded in smartphones having any operating system. The PDF-version of the fax documents is of high resolution that provides clean and crisp text images. The user needs to access the email account or the web account to retrieve the faxed documents.

The fax speed is quite impressive. There is practically no downtime. Multiple faxes can be sent or received as demanded. In fact, five user IDs or email addresses are recognized to sent fax or retrieve them. Some unique features of fax solution of either small business or corporate plans are:

  • A dedicated local number
  • An international toll-free number
  • Transfer of existing fax numbers
  • International long distance facility available – about 170 countries can access the facility with extra charge
  • Reliable and fast operation
  • Automatic retries even if it means numerous tries
  • Auto confirmation provided for sent faxes
  • Notification of the faxes sent to accounts
  • Multiple fax recipients possible from a single fax operation
  • Fax utility integrated with MS Outlook and Word processor
  • Faxes can be received even when the computer is switched off

Popular image, text, PDF, and spreadsheet file formats are accepted as attachments. One can send PDFs, word documents, JPG or JPEG files for instance as fax. The fax documents are safe and cannot be corrupted with malware tools. There are SSL encryption codes keep data protected. The user needs to specify a unique password to access the fax. The best online fax service solution allows the user to promote point-to-point virtual private network (VPN) utilities for better protection. There options to retrieve reports on how many faxes were sent and to whom. The reports can be downloaded as CSV files and can be seamlessly transferred into spreadsheets.

Metrofax Review on Customer support

A dedicated customer care support function allows the newbie buyers to get started with the utility. Fax operation can be little difficult initially. For such customers, there are many user manuals. Users can also download plug-ins, mobile app, and lot more. If at all they want to speak to the representative for support, a support request form must be filled up. A support assistant will contact the users and assist them with the usability features of the utility.

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