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Microsoft security essentials is an best antivirus software from Microsoft Corporation that can be installed in machines running either of the Windows platform including; Microsoft windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. It works like all the other antiviruses per say but edges them out in terms of system requirements and resource usage as it does not require too big Rom and Ram memory.

Microsoft security essentials software is offered to users for free; all they have to do is to accept the terms and start enjoying protection; remember to be constantly downloading updates. Prior to the introduction of Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Windows used to protect users with Live OneCare which was later replaced with Windows Defender.

Microsoft Security Essentials Review on Features


MSE offers to users real time protection from all types of computer threats including; spyware, viruses, Trojans horses and rootkits as well. MSE is different from other antiviruses not only because it’s offered for free but also because it is developed by Microsoft. This is the same corporation that have been in the computer field for as long as it has existed and continue still to dominate hence it would be rightful to presume that they have a perfect understanding of system threats and how they could be curbed.

By understanding an operating system, what threats stand to attack and the appropriate defense mechanism, it would not be that hard to come with a product that has the desired functionalities. MSE is also low on resources and provides an in-depth scan of system files trying to establish the presence of a threat. Most users will understand why it might take more time to scan using MSE than it would with an ordinary antivirus. While scanning, MSE compares system files to those in its database to try and establish presence of threats if there are any.

MSE comes with an auto feature that updates its virus definition by default on a daily basis and this is meant to keep the AV up to the task of dealing with new malwares which get released every now and then.

Microsoft Security Essentials Review on Performance

MSE is rated as one of the best performing antivirus program. Microsoft Security Essentials requires small size of rom, ram memory and other CPU resources. MSE works by default on the background keeping your system protected round the clock and for this reason, it was always important to come up with an antivirus program that can be able to work quietly without necessarily having severe impacts to your system performance.

The latest has come with tremendous speed in terms of notifying users on any threat or system status. This makes MSE the most ideal antivirus program for use on tablets as well as machines with low memory and need protection.

Microsoft Security Essentials Review on Ease of use

MSE comes with a well-developed user interface that provides all functionalities at the click of a button and also make it an easy to use application. The home of the antivirus interface displays the protection status of the system with green meaning that the system is fully protected and optimized. Orange and red means that there might be an issue and the system requires user attention. From the interface, one can also easily update the virus definitions, check the history of previous scans, schedule a custom scan and access further settings all at the click of a button.

Virus & Spyware Protection of Microsoft Security Essentials Review

MSE employs both the virus signature database as well as the heuristic technology in virus and threats detection. MSE tends to focus on the more serious threats and gives little attention to pseudo-threats which in most times the users may not be aware of. it also offers little protection to unknown viruses as it is meant for individual PCs with not much internet activities hence less exposure to malware and threat attacks.

Tech and Customer Support of Microsoft Security Essentials Review

Microsoft windows 8 and latest upgrades come with Microsoft Security Essentials 2014 automatically installed. For other operating systems, the installation process is as easy as it could ever be involving only a download and a simple installation. This does not make the systems security program free from issues and with the Microsoft customer support team, rest assured that you can maneuver through any issue that may arise.

Need licensing details or updates? Do you suspect presence of a malware in your system which your installed MSE seems not to have detected? Whatever issues that you have, contact the Microsoft customer support team and let the experts assist you in solving your issues.

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