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Nextiva ( is a cloud-based VoIP system software application for managing live and recorded surveillance video.The company provides a complete communications system for small organizations and over 60,000 companies use Nextiva for their business. Nextiva objective is to provide SMBs with equal opportunities to excel as are provided to large corporations.

Nextiva VFax is a best best online fax service, in below review, we will talk about its price, features, receving and customer support.

Nextiva VFax Review on Price Value


Although many utilities are offered by Nextiva, yet it is possible to segregate each of them as per need of the customer. For instance, those looking for best online fax service can opt for vFax or virtual faxing solution. There is no setup fee, contracts to be signed or hidden fees. There is a 30-day free trial service that allows the user to find out the convenience of the tool. Here is a list of the plans and the corresponding price of the same:

  • At $4.95 per month, 500 pages can be faxed
  • At $12.95 per month, 1000 pages can be faxed
  • At $29.95 per month, 3000 pages can be faxed

If a buyer is not sure about a plan, it is possible to seek the advice from vFax specialists. When fixing the plan, users can transfer their existing number. Most often, it works out and the deal is complete with the existing number. However, if it is not possible to do the same, there is a helpdesk to assist the new buyer with the plan. For accessing the web portal, a dedicated username must be given by the user. The password is emailed across. This allows the user to login to the web account. The amount can be paid online with the use of credit card.

Nextiva VFax Review on Features

Nextiva features are indeed attractive and exceed the features offered by most of online fax services in the industry. Below are some of Nextiva highlighted features:

  • Unlimited Calling and Faxing
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Multi-Tiered Auto Attendants
  • HD Voice
  • Call Parking

Furthermore, users are able to maintain their system and set it, as well as view call logs, access voicemails, and more. In fact, you can store an unlimited number of call logs which can be sorted and filtered. Users can also receive voicemails via email and recorded calls cannot be downloaded.

Nextiva VFax Review on Fax Receiving

Fax operations are quite expensive as a lot of paper and ink are wasted in the process. The operation is also not fast and reliable. However, vFax changes all this and much more. In fact, with this solution – a part of hosted VoIP phone service, the interaction is economical and efficient. The utility allows the user to send or receive fax from any computing or electronic gadgets. The fax documents can be sent via email or through the website of Nextiva. It is also possible to set up Fax-Bridge electronic device that helps to direct fax received from a traditional fax machine to the online account or email. The fax message is received in emails and the fax document is attached as a PDF file. The primary email address receives the fax document. However, it is possible to change the mail ID or the number of notifications that one gets when faxes arrive.

About five emails can receive the notifications of the faxed documents. The fax documents can also be sent across easily to a number of people. To send outgoing fax, the user must provide the fax number of the receiver and place a prefix, “”. The fax service allows:

  • Fax through traditional fax machine, email, mobile device and Nextiva account
  • Most file formats, such as image, text, Adobe, and Printer files can be received or sent
  • A large number of file transfer
  • Faxing from any location to any place

There is no need to keep the computer logged in to view the fax – unlike traditional fax machines. The fax can be received while the user is talking on the phone. There are plans which have the entire VoIP suites for Nextiva customers. Unlimited fax is also one such option in such plans. Nextiva has a detailed billing section where users can independently manage or tweak their account settings. They can not only seek the transfer of their fax number but change billing details if any. So, plans can be upgraded in a jiffy.

Nextiva VFax Review on Customer support

New users need to visit Nextiva website to get started right away. The vFax support page allows users to call the technical help desk for support – at 800-285-7995. To know more about various usability features of the service and troubleshoot for minor glitches, the users can read through a detailed list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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