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Based on the intelligent threat protection concept, that aims at protecting user computer systems through offering layers of seamless security features; Norton antivirus software is quite a best antivirus software on shelves today.

For the many years since its introduction in the market, Norton has always achieved high review ratings from users by offering them guaranteed protection against malware and other computer threats with simple procedures that include; threat detection and blocking, thorough cross-checking of system files as well as downloads, automatically scanning emails and offering the best possible security to the operating system.

Norton Antivirus Software Review on Pricing

The price of the antivirus software is $34.99, which is 42% cheaper compared with the original price at $59.99. When you compare that with other antivirus software, this is a good discount rate.

Norton Antivirus Software Norton Antivirus Software
40% Off

Features of Norton Antivirus Software

One notable feature of the Norton antivirus software is its reduced scan time as compared to other antivirus software. Norton only requires 61 seconds to conduct a complete system scan identifying all the threats and disinfecting them; this makes it the fastest and most secure computer system anti-virus available. Some other outstanding features of the Norton anti-virus include:

  • The anti-virus offers and across platform system protection- mostly tested for other versions of windows and Mac OS, there however have been recent developments that have seen Norton antivirus offer support for some of the latest version of the above operating systems such as windows 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.9 popularly known as mavericks.
  • AV layered and Mac systems protection- the protection mechanism used for Norton antivirus software is a one course highly powered agent which brings together antivirus and IPS for users on the mac OS platform. The recently introduced beta version offers internet security and malware protection for mac users at the same time. This has taken a while before its introduction to the market due to development of licensing infrastructures which would make integration for windows and mac products possible and easy.
  • Faster installation- this feature is effective since it eliminates separate download of definitions and instead downloads the definitions as the computer restarts immediately after installation hence improving user experience.

The price of Norton Antivirus software is really low, customers now could pay as low as $69.99/year to get a license which could be used on 5 devices, the OS it supports includes Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and etc.


Norton Antivirus Software Performance

Norton anti-virus offers unrivaled security to computer systems.

With threats increasing in numbers and as well structure in terms of complication; developing an anti-virus that could be able to identify and disinfect as many threats as possible was always key. Norton anti-virus does exactly this through coming up with a multi-structured security layer meant to protect from files already accessed and scanned by not only the particular system users but also the larger above 200million Norton anti-virus users all over the world.

By providing a large database of known threats, Norton also positions itself in a better position to be able to counter new unknown threats. This feature is referred to as Norton insight network which is based on online intelligence and it only requires constant updates of small files to keep the system up-to-date with these anti-viruses. Another landmark for Norton anti-virus is its fast and yet effective scanning procedure. In all tests carried out to compare with other anti-malware programs, Norton anti-virus does not only emerge as the fastest but also the generous on resources in terms of output and performance.

Norton Antivirus Software Ease of use

Receiving active protection from viruses and other dangers posed by threats that have bombarded the internet does not have to be that hard for users. Developers of Norton anti-virus based the users as the center of their developments and came up with a product that will give the most whereas requiring the least from the user end. Starting with the system requirements; Norton brags for some of the least requirements with an average of 256mb of RAM, 300mb of hard drive space, 1ghz processor for windows vista or a later version and a CD/DVD drive for installations that are not download. For protection from internet threats such as phishing, internet explorer version 7.0 or later is supported, Google chrome or a 32 bit Mozilla Firefox browser.

Virus & spyware protection of Norton Antivirus Software

Most of the protection offered by Norton anti-virus is offered without user awareness of course other than custom scans. The insight feature checks for user experience of other Norton anti-virus users with files on the internet and on computer system and provide a warning before the user can access those files. The Norton community-watch and threat monitoring unit that comprises other Norton users that serve as a watch group and protect personal computer systems for other Norton users. Identity safe, scam insight and anti-phishing technology employed guarantees users with online security from threats and attacks.

Norton Antivirus Software Tech and customer support

Other than the Norton community watch, there is a 24/7 standby customer support team that deals with any queries relating to Norton anti-virus from its installation to day-to-day running. One can visit the official site and write a query or dial up through the contacts available online; either of those will ensure maximum support and solving of the issue at hand. There also exist forums for Norton anti-virus users which one can join and seek for solutions amongst other users who might be having an idea of the issue at hand.

Norton Antivirus Review Summary

Norton Antivirus solutions is the industry most popular product into antivirus protection. As its customers, you could get all the best protection on your PC. Besides, choosing Norton, you will be guaranteed with solid performance on security. To know more about this product, visit Norton now.

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