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If you are looking for an easy to work on photo editor, then Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra is the perfect option. Those of you who do not have experience in using photo editing software might also find this software helpful. The software comes with powerful editing tools and preset color schemes which make your photographs editing fun.

In below PhotoDirector Ultra review, you will know why it is amongst the best photo editing software products on the market today.

PhotoDirector Ultra Pricing

The price of Cyberlink Photodirector Ultra was $89.99, but now is $49.99 which is very reasonable. The need to spend lot of money on a product which is going to help you is not there. The photo editing software comes with several features that can enable you to create your own photography style, which is an essential part for any photo editing software.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra
44% Off

PhotoDirector Ultra  Interface of the photo editing software

The interface of the photo editing software is simple. You can find your way around without any problems. This is something that many of you would like. Whether you are a professional or novice photographer, you will find it simple to use. There are five features in which you can perform your tasks. They are Edit, Slideshow, Library, Adjustment, and Print. These features come with specific functions which are required to edit photographs. The organizational capabilities are one of the best in photo editing software which are present. The Library is where you organize and import your photographs.


PhotoDirector Ultra Import and organize digital photos

Organizing and importing photographs from the smart phones and devices is simple. You can easily perform it. The organizational features which are present on the photo editor are one of the best and the face tagging function helps you to identify people whom you want in photographs. This function enables you to tag them when you want to search for them. Stacks of photographs can be created manually or automatically providing you with the freedom to organize your photographs as you want.

The photo editing tool supports only JPG, TIF and RAW files which are few. When you want to import photos from your device or smart phone with other formats, then it can be frustrating. You are also provided with many layout options, which help you decide on how you want to project your photographs. You can also design a slideshow within the PhotoDirector itself. The edited photographs can be organized as you want in the slideshow. The design effects can be added on the photographs as you want.


The photo editing tool comes with simple organization features. That enables you to organize your photographs in a systematic manner. If you are a professional photographer, then you will find this helpful. You also have excellent preset color schemes which help you decide on the color which you want to make use of. You can also prepare slideshows using powerful tools that provide you with the ability to organize your photographs in the manner in which you want. This is another feature professional photographers will find helpful. But, you can only import few formats, which might not be a good thing.

PhotoDirector Ultra Customer support

The customer support offered by the photo editing software is excellent. You can contact them to have immediate responses. That is essential for experienced photographers to be able to perform their tasks immediately. When you want to ensure that you are able to do your work quickly, then you need to contact their professional support.

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