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Photolightning enables you to alter your photographs without much problems. It has an easy interface which is simple to understand. The tools help you to make your photographs brighter and add text from a DVD directly from the program. This is a best photo editing software which highly popular among beginners and entry level has apposed to professionals, but lets find out more about this product below.

Photolightning Pricing

The price of Photolightning is $39.95. This is a cheap price when you compare it with most of the photo editors. Though some of you might feel that the features cannot be compared with high ranked photo editing software, the functions present are good enough for improving photographs and helping you get quality videos.

Photolightning Import and organize digital photos


When you plug cameras on your computer system or device using a USB cord, it detects them. The photo editor starts to automatically download your photographs. This is a reduced step for you when you are editing your images.

The batch processing feature is one of the major benefits of using this photo editing software. You can filter, edits, adjust, a bunch of photographs at once, which helps you perform your tasks efficiently. When you want to edit your photographs quickly or if you have a large number of photographs to edit, then you can make use of this function.

There is a photo organization app which helps you label and sort your photographs. You will also like the feature which enables you to skip the download of photographs which you have already imported. The photographs can be sorted by time and date. Whatever is convenient for you can be used for sorting your photographs.

After you have saved and edited your photographs you can print them. Printing your images from home is a simple task using this feature. It also helps you generate quality pictures from your home as and when you want. Using developers like WalMart, Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Walgreens, you can print them. The photo album cab be altered to a slideshow or you can attach your photographs directly to an email.

Photolightning Interface of the photo editing software


The interface of Photolightning is simple. It is approachable. The photo editing software makes use of preset options, which allows you to make immediate one-button edits. When you are a beginner with no experience in this field, then you can use this tool to make quick actions. However, you will be left disappointed with the fact that most of the common options present on other editing software are not here.

Using this photo editing software, you can adjust lighting, remove red eyes, crop photographs, and well do not more than that. That is because most of the features are not there. The background lighting can help you alter your photographs by miles. However, without a selection tool you will not be able to perform these edits.

Photolightning Customer support

The customer support offered by the photo editing tool is less. You cannot communicate with them with phone, which might not be a good thing when you are looking for quick solutions. There is a FAQ section which helps you get the answers for your queries. You can also join their forum and find out what you are looking for.

Using this photo editing tool, you can easily do all your tasks. If you are a beginner, you can edit your photographs at one shot and annotate the photographs using shapes and text. This is a useful feature which you will helpful when editing your photographs. But, you will want to know there is no support for raw files. This can be a disturbance for most of you. Making simple adjustments on basic editing processes cannot be performed. Apart from this problem, this is a good photo editing software to use.

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