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7.6 10 Good

Arcsoft PhotoStudio is a simple and one of the best photo editing software that has limited tools, filters and special effects. The user interface is one of the simplest and easiest to work on. It is ideal for beginners who want to start their career in the photo editing field. Professionals might be impressed with the limited amount of tools, but help & support might rub them on the wrong side.

PhotoStudio Pricing

The price of the photo editing software is $78.99. That is a reasonable price for all the features which are provided in there. You can perform so many editing tasks without much hassle. This is a great thing to know. You have a photo editing tools that cost more and whether you are a novice or professional, you will find this photo editing tool helpful.

PhotoStudio Interface of the photo editing software

arcsoft-photostudio-6-1 (1)

The interface of the photo editing software is one of the easiest. You might not be able to find a simpler tool. As the list of tools is limited, you can easily find your way around. The icons present on the interface are large helping you to click on them individually and finding out what each one of them performs. Having a simple editing tool can be beneficial as well as come with its own cons. You can appear little outdated with the limited amount of editing you can do on your photographs. That may not be a good sign if you are a professional. When you want to push things forward, then you will find it hard to get things done as you do not have anything to work on. Though you can work with layers, add animated texts, you feel that the photo editing tool is lacking. You have the auto enhance mode which provides you with nine previews. You can also make use of the full edit mode which helps you perform alterations on your edited photographs. There is a scratch removal tool which decreases the affected area, which helps you improve your image.

PhotoStudio Import and organize digital photos


The import and organization abilities of PhotoStudio are not powerful when you compare them with other tools. The Face Beautify feature is one of the best features present on the software. It helps you to beautify the face and make it attractive. When you want to improve on the blunt photograph, then you this feature is helpful.

PhotoStudio Customer support

The customer support offered by ArcSoft, the makers of PhotoStudio, is not really up to the mark and that is quite surprising for a company of its stature. When you want to attract people, then the customer support has to be reliable. This is something you might not find with the customer support of decent software which is disappointing. There is a technical support page and a FAQs page that helps you find out what you want. The contact form present on the pages enables you to communicate with them. However, there have been negative reviews on not being able to contact the customer representatives. This is something that the developers will have to work on to make it professional.

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