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Founded 2003, RingCentral is an award-winning business VoIP provider with over 300,000 customers worldwide. The company provides complete and scalable business VoIP solutions that mainly focus on SMBs. RingCentral is one such organization which offers hosted services for phone systems – such as IP telephones, online fax, mobile phones, and more. RingCentral also allows their customers to customize the system to suit their needs.

In below RingCentral review, let’s see why it is amongst the best online fax service on the market today.

RingCentral Review on Price Value

To avail the phone system administrative services, RingCentral offers three plans – Standard (at $24 per month per user), Premium (at $34 per month per user), and Enterprise (at $99 per month per user). A 30-day free trial service is also provided to the customers so that they can check out if the service is worth buying.

The plans include unlimited Conferencing, web-based fax, and more. Users will be able to attach faxes to emails or any of the Cloud storage systems, such as DropBox, Google Drive, and Box. All phone calls will be directed to either fax or voicemails. The plans will allow a minimum of 1000 minutes toll free talk, access to mobile apps, call management, video conferencing (for a minimum of 4 people), phone rental option, and log reports. Fax operation is integrated into the telephony system, smartphones, or PCs. The entire cloud telephony system is bundled in the three packages.

RingCentral Review on Features


There are other cloud-based VoIP systems out there, but with Ring Central the user can expect a wide range of features and some of the highlighted are below:

  • Toll-Free/Local Numbers
  • Hosted PBX Service
  • Analog Adapters
  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration

Moreover, customers will also receive a Cloud based fax service that supports Drop Box and Google docs, A mobile app (Android and iPhone) that keeps you connected 24/7, Microsoft Outlook integration, Automatic alerts and many more.

RingCentral Review on Fax Receiving


At a glance, the features offered by RingCentral is quite lucrative as one can use toll free numbers, engage directory listing, have multiple local phone lines, send fax to number of people, and interconnect IP phones, traditional fax, and mobiles with the new technology.

In the RingCentral Internet Fax utility for instance, users don’t have to throw their traditional fax machine but allow customers to still send fax to it. Once users enroll to the fax service, they can send and receive faxes at all times – no busy tones or waiting periods are experienced. There is no use of an external hardware tool or phone lines.

The clients can send faxes to toll-free numbers from anywhere in the world. The users send faxes through the FaxOut utility. Before the fax is sent out, they are previewed or printed. The sheet can also be customized with company logos. The sender can sign it as well through electronic signature. It is possible to send faxes to groups or specific email IDs. The users can receive faxes from any RingCentral phone number. The faxes are attached to a fax message in PDF file formats. Those who have connected their mobile phone with the RingCentral cloud telephony system will get an instant text message about the pending fax which is waiting to be viewed. Users can receive faxes from their traditional fax machines, email account, mobile phone, or cloud storage device – DropBox. Even when the user is on a call, the fax messages are received.

They can also use the user-friendly and RingCentral’s Softphone or Mobile app interface to send faxes. The fax application can be launched with just a click of a button. The interface is intuitive and illustrated with suitable instructional text for the user. There is no fear of any security breaches as the entire system is encrypted with the latest encryption codes. Authorized people with valid password can enter the web account online where incoming faxes are stored. The user may not receive faxes, such as those without caller ID through the ‘block-fax’ option. An analog adapter is required only to ensure faxes coming from the traditional fax machine are received in the fax account.

RingCentral Review on Customer support

User-friendly and versatile RingCentral VoIP service includes a variety of phone management services. New buyers can get started or check tutorial snapshots in the support section of the website. For technical glitches they can contact the helpdesk. The support system provides information on billing, setting up features, number transfers, and more. People may either get their queries clarified by sending mails or writing to the community forum that is available in the site.

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