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In below Serif PhotoPlus review, we will take about its photo editing, photo importing,  photo exporting and photo sharing features to explain why it’s one of best photo editing software we recommend.

As a leader in Graphic solutions, Serif ( is well-known for offering cheap and feature rich software solutions in its field. The business was found in 1987 and now have 6+ millions customers worldwide. Serif PhotoPlus is its photo editing solutions.

Serif PhotoPlus Photos Management

Importing and organizing digital photographs using the photo editing software enables you to perform them quickly. There is an external photoplus organizer which enables you to perform this kind of operation. You cannot add an import option on the AutoPlay dialog which props up when you insert camera memory.

Importing files takes some time. To import more than 40 files, took more than 4 minutes. When you do the same using Adobe Photoshop Elements, it took more than 3 minutes. In the Adobe, you are taken directly to the imported images. Unlike there, in serif you have to go to a folder under Pictures. You will also not be happy with the fact that you cannot revert to undo any editing you did. This can make you feel vulnerable as you have to repeat the entire thing. This is something that the makers have to look into. For a professional photographer, he or she will want to revert back and be able to undo the changes as it is a vital thing to be able to perform.


Serif PhotoPlus Interface

The interface of serif photoplus x8 is user-friendly. You will find it hard when the interface is not user-friendly. How can you understand what is being provided to you? Unless you are able to understand what is present on the software, you can use it on your photographs. You can view the panel which contains videos that are tutorials and links which contain the main operations. Though it is user-friendly, you find the organizer is too separate from the editor.

The buttons take you between two modes. The toolbars are present on the top and bottom of control panel. So of you might feel that there are too many buttons, which can make it appear confusing. There is a progress bar which enables you to find the duration of the editing.

Serif PhotoPlus Pricing Review

The pricing is something that is the highlight of serif. You have many photos editing software that come at high rates. When you are not a professional photographer, then you may not require all these features. Though serif cost only a little more than $99, you can find some of the latest features present in them like nondestructive cropping, 16-bit-per-channel, RGB curve editing, and recordable actions. These can enable you to do your editing as you like to.

For $99, you are really getting a good price for editing your images. However, you will want to know that having these features cannot make it powerful than Adobe. But, it is a simple photo editing tool, which you can get for a reasonable price. Unless, you are a professional, whose livelihood depends on photography, then you might consider something else.

Help & Customer Support

Serif PhotoPlus offers a how-to tab, which can be collapsed or expanded when as needed. The tab contains detailed instructions related to using the application’s many functions. Serif even provides users with a CommunityPlus page, helpful video tutorials and helpful articles about creative effects, retouching images, photo finishing and a guide to PhotoPlus tools.  In fact, customers can take advantage of an automated “Do this for Me” that enables them to tell the application to take the desired actions if you’re not confident of your own skills.

Serif PhotoPlus Review Summary

Serif PhotoPlus offers various photo edit tools for both beginners and experienced photo editors, which makes it perfect for your needs. To know more about this product, please Visit Serif PhotoPlus.


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