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Sfax (www.sfaxme.com) is an industry-leading HIPAA compliant internet fax service that allows you to send and receive fax signals reliably and easily.

sFax is one among the few companies that strive to store, digitize, or transfer sensitive data through stringent encrypted codes and without the use of paper. It seamlessly transfers online fax documents to anyone located just anywhere in the world.

Price Value Review of sFax


There is a comprehensive pricing structure for the best online fax services that is offered by sFaxme. The minimum plan costs $9 which allows unlimited number of users to use the service and transfer of 100 fax pages. Only pages that are sent successfully are counted. There are more monthly plans, such as:

  • Basic plan costs $15 per month and allows 175 fax messages to be sent
  • Standard plan costs $29 per month and allows 350 fax messages to be sent
  • Plus plan costs $49 per month and allows 700 fax messages to be sent
  • Contender plan costs $99 per month and allows 1500 fax messages to be sent
  • Pro plan costs $159 per month and allows 2500 fax messages to be sent

All the aforesaid plans can be either paid each month or annually. If they are paid yearly, the amount consequently decreases. For extra pages sent, $0.01 per page is charged. It is also possible to design one’s own plan with useful features. The payment schedule can also be selected. The Sfax Your Plan allows SOHO or very small businesses to get all the useful options of a regular plan but handle fax operations at a lower cost. More than 2,500 pages can be sent if the volume of task is more. There is also a Freedom Plan which allows users to keep certain options of sFaxme at a low annual charge of $36. For each of these plans, the customers need to send specifications to sFaxme for a quote. In short, the plans and the corresponding prices are neat without any hidden costs. There are no contracts as well.

Features Review of sFax

Sfax offers many options and you can guarantee all standard features, including fax logs, customized cover pages, alerts, etc. Some of their other highlights include:

  • All your faxes in one place
  • Manage all your fax contacts online
  • Re-sending faxes is a breeze
  • Digitally sign your documents without printing
  • Improve efficiencies

Besides this, Sfax is the only service that doesn’t allow faxes through emailsl, as it treats it innately insecure. With Sfax users can have one account that manages several, which is very convenient and users can send a fax from an integrated application, desktop or Web and sFax also guarantees discretion; they will never send emails containing private information.

sFax Fax Review Receiving

In traditional fax machine, the sender needs to use paper, ink, toners, and manpower to send fax. Privacy is not maintained and remote working is not possible. The entire show also takes a lot of time. With online fax service, these glitches are removed instantly. The documents to be faxed are carefully stored in cloud-based servers – a reliable and secured storage option. Owners of this service can track usage, delegate the authority to retrieve faxes to other employees. Users need to login to an encrypted area to get the faxed documents. The entire process can be tracked and audited. The reply messages can be re-faxed with annotations and electronic signature.

The message is received and delivered instantly. Receipts of the delivery is obtained no sooner the fax reaches its destination. The fax documents are created with high quality images. The fax can be retrieved on the desktop, laptop, web, or smartphones (with iOS or Android OS). The system allows integration of API. The entire operation is done seamlessly with an impressive 99.9 percent uptime in recent years. The online fax service also allows:

  • Multiple organizations or sub-groups with multiple users located in different locations to use a single plan.
  • Encrypted transfers that meet HIPAA specifications.
  • Only human assistance instead of mechanized robots providing the support functions.
  • Round the clock phone and online support.
  • Administrators to check security issues, permissions, and settings.
  • Group interactions and collaboration. Files can be sent or viewed through online conferencing.

All these facilities can be tried for free for 14 days. Although the activation is immediate, there is no compulsion to stick to the plan. There is no setup fee as well.

sFax Review Customer support

US clients are entitled for complete hardware and software support. For any outages or glitches, users can contact the helpdesk. The users can sent emails, speak to helpdesk representatives, or discuss issues in social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. There is a detailed list of videos, guides, tips, and information on billing system to make your experience with this service provider a happy and a hassle-free one.

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