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SRFax ( is an internet fax service provider offering fax to email, email to fax, and web based faxing with excellent customer service. The company has made a name for itself in the industry where communication rules the roost. In most organizations, fax documents are generally sensitive data, such as copy of an agreement or receipt. In short, they are very important part of the business and should not be lost in anyway. In fact, they are often used for official announcements, where the fax is illustrated with company logos and design.

SRFax Review on Price Value

Generally web-based fax service providers offer a 30-day free trial for its plans. However, SRFax offers a 60-day free service to allow the users to review the utility. The elementary plan ($3.29 per month for 25 faxes sent or received) does not have this option though. Extra page can be sent or received by paying $0.10. The other plans offered by SRFax are:

  • Lite 200 at 6.95 per month for 200 faxes – inbound or outbound.
  • Standard 500 at 9.95 per month for 500 faxes – inbound or outbound.

Each of these plans has a 60-day complimentary trial offer. An additional page will incur a charge of $0.06. The plans can either be paid monthly or annually. If paid yearly, the users will get a slight rebate on the prices. There are no hidden fees or startup fees for using the services. There are separate rates for sending faxes to countries other than the US or Canada. The international rates are quite competitive and affordable. Each country will have a separate rate that depends on the ‘cost-per-page’ basis.

SRFax Review on Features


SRFax is simple and reliable and provides their customers with some compelling features. The company is highly rated for functionality and customer service. SRFax offers a number of features which mentioned below:

  • Toll Free/Local services
  • Junk Fax Filters
  • Internet Fax API
  • Online Storage
  • Multiple Email Accounts

In addition to the features mentioned, SRFax offers there users the facility to send faxes via website/web browser, mobile faxing service for use with smartphones and laptops. What’s more is SRFax enables you to send faxes to as many as fifty recipients all at one time, not to mention their auto resend function will attempt to repeat failed fax transmissions up to 6 times. Once their fax has been sent correctly you will receive an automatic email confirmation.

SRFax Review on Fax Receiving

The fax is sent or received either through the email account of the user or through the online account at SRFax server. At least 9 users can take part in a plan. The corporate plans allow multiple users or multiple departments to use the plan. The fax can be sent or received from one dedicated number or multiple fax numbers. The subscriber of the plan can either pick a toll-free fax number or existing fax number, or a new local fax number. The plans allow multiple pages to be sent in numerous ways. Users can use their PC, Mac, tablet, mobile phones, or web to send and receive fax. Junk faxes are filtered from clogging the system through special filters.

A fax is sent at least six times before it is aborted. The user will promptly get a report about the fax. Receiving faxes can be done instantly by the user. Authorized users are allowed to retrieve the fax – which can be many as per the requirement of the subscriber. The API facility allows the subscriber to schedule faxes from the computing device or application – directly. For details about our API see our Internet fax API documentation. The user-friendly fax operation allows the following features:

  • Confirmation of the delivery.
  • Inclusion of cover pages – three types are offered, such as personal, company, and standard varieties.
  • Cover pages can be customized with unique design and logo.
  • Attachment of multiple documents.
  • Fast, reliable, and safe fax transfer.

Faxed received for stored for unlimited time – so, fax copies are safe and encrypted. The documents transferred are encrypted through SSL, PGP, and Secure Email codes. The service is compliant with HIPAA and PIPEDA protocols.

SRFax Review on Customer support

There is a complete reference on how to get started or troubleshoot the online service. Users can read through the knowledge base which contains guides, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and articles. A search text box helps the reader to key in the specific keyword on which he or she wants to get the information. Once done, a list of documents with the particular keyword is published to be viewed and read. The company website has a support desk that also allows the user to lodge a ticket for technical help. Already lodged tickets can be viewed again to find out the status. They can even call a customer care representative.

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