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Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is one of the best photo editing software you can find in the market. The software comes with some of the best features you can use for your photographs. Though you need to learn and understand the software before using it, you will find that your efforts did not go in vain. In below Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Review, we will reveal why.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pricing

The cost of this photo editing software is $89.99. It is slightly costlier than photo editing tools of the same range. But, that should not be a hindrance when you want a powerful tool. You can make use of its free day-trail period of 7 days before deciding to buy it. During these days, you can work on it and find out if it is really useful for your work.

The software provides you with all the features which you will need for improving your photographs. When you are working on design projects then you will be happy with the results that are provided. There is an intuitive interface, which provides you with easy search and smooth control. This program can import almost any image file type and it has over 360 fonts and 60 creative filters to make your photos shine.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Import and organize digital photos


XaraPhoto & Graphic Designer helps you to organize and import files from a wide range of formats which helps you. When you are working on your files, you need not worry about the format of the file. But, you would want to know that the photo editing software does not support AutoCAD files. It is feature-packed software that enables you to improve your photography in a better way.

When you want to get a good appearance for your photographs, then you will want to make use of this software. The wide range of features including auto-rotation of images, the ability to create flash animations for use online, selective enhance by color, and shadow and highlight adjustments aids you to improve your images.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Interface of the photo editing software


The photo editing software has some of the most powerful editing tools you require. The tutorials present on the website enables you to find out where features are present. That enables you to improve the speed of your work. However, you will need to be patient when learning this software and find out how it can help.

The fun and excitement begin when you know where things are present. That helps you to find out how to go about things in the tool. You can use all the standard editing tools to perform tasks including rotate, resize, crop, and remove. You can replace colors as you want. When you feel that you do not want a color, then you can remove it.

The layout of XaraPhoto & Graphic Designer is excellent. You just will not complain about that. Everything is displayed properly around the interface and you can find what you are looking for easily. As you start using the features you will find that they are simple to use and you will get the hang of it very quickly.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Customer support

The customer support offered by this photo editing software is one of the best. There are plenty of video tutorials present on their website that can help you out. You will never fell out of the group with 18 categories of video tutorials. Each of the topics offers you with 3-14 videos. When you see these tutorials, you will notice that they are excellent and precise.

You can easily learn and understand all about this photo editor viewing those videos. You are also offered with a tip of the day which helps you more about the software. You need to make sure that you go through the tip of the day, regularly. You also have in-application links to the support website, through which you can find online forum. The online forum enables you to understand the photo editing software in an easy manner. Through the online forum you can communicate with experts who can clarify your doubts.You also get to meet people of the same mind set who can help you forward your career, if you are a serious photographer.

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